Vignesh Meenakshi Sundaram [ VII ] – Scammer

One of the imperative individual from this scam group is Vii. His possible name :  Vignesh Meenakshi Sundaram . He may use fake documents so not 100% confirm. His correct name isn’t known in light of the fact that he has utilized distinctive names all over the place. I have gathered data on him . Here are the conceivable areas



Locations :

  • Pilani , Rajistan – India
  • Tallin, Estonia
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Reasons :

Scammer Vii did Master of Science in Communication Systems and Network services and was in batch of 2010-2012.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

Master of Science from University of Tartu in Security & Cryptography.


He says 2 master degrees from 2010 – 2012 but 2 campuses which r in 2 countries around 600 km driving

He did his previous degree from BITS Pilani.

Citizenship: He is from India so may be he not other citizen

Role :

mention lead developer and telegram mention token distributor. He promise, take money but then at main time, he is disappear.


Attend 2 public events . Next time inform event organizers to arrange police 2 arrest.

Countries to report :


LinkedIn says he speak 3 languages

English, French & Hindi.


linkedin says working with lendroid from 2017 Feb.

In Past –

Worked as Software developer in Appytech from Apr ‘2012 – July ‘ 2012

Co-founder/ CEO of AppMailm from Aug’12 – May’17

Search brings up this address in Estonia .

Mãe mnt 53-2, Tartu, Tartu maakond 51009, ee

Google street search brings a park image.  So may be a fake info or combine space

The company no more.  Estonia government mention two more director in business so police investigate them. they provide more information after warrant issued.

Due to article search, he study in Estonia but may be got deported now.  will email immigration office to check record and report.  His article mention he study in dubai but not seen on linkedin.

video of dance

The ‘Beat It’ Flashmob – VIGNESH (INDIA)

Receive knowledge about other family , friends and business partners through search but controlling for privacy

he attend Moon Tech which is in Tallinn

4-5 december 2017

Warning :

Also this information has been gathered from online websites so accuracy isn’t guaranteed. We’ll have law enforcement agencies search for more evidence against this fraudsters. Its in progres.. contact if you are also victim. also need help of english translation.





Scam team

this page has team member information who are part of him or were displayed.  they all will share the same fate.
Vignesh Sundaresan
Vii Sundaram
Anand Venkateswaran
Paul Martens
Franca Ciambella
Tyler Filiatrault
Supriya Vasu
Vivek Sundaram
Patrick McLain
Galen Danziger



The earth we stay is packed with crooks and thieves. Legislation isn’t enough to  provide justice to most victims. We want to bring a change by uncovering the scam artist ” Vignesh Sunderasan”. Criminal here is Vignesh Sunderasan. We will share data that can place him in prison and recuperate the cash that he stole.
We are little number of people looking for all information. please contact